The mystery of the French Humbers

Through the years, I saw a few bicycles that really looked like being built by Humber: the British maker of bicycles, who always was ahead of his time.
In 1890 or '91, Humber was the first to introduce the diamond frame safety bicycle with straight seat tube, mounted on the bracket.  

Humber had one very special feature, a patented bracket with a characteristic way of fixing it.

But then, we see all kinds of Humber-like bicycles, especially around France.  Were are all of these bicycles built by the French Humber works? It must have been a big factory, with so many different models surviving. Then, why doesn't anyone seem to have catalogues of Humber France?
I am looking for any information on the French Humber factory and its models. If you own one or know more about it, please contact me!

Click one of the bicycles and you'll access a link with more pictures.

  Very interesting is also the link between Gladiator and Humber, click here for text & pictures.